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Harding Lake Memories

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Harding Lake Memories
From June 20 - 22 we had the annual Interior Campmeeting at Harding Lake.  Our speaker was Halvard Thompson.  As he spoke, he tried to help us spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of Christ.  He challenged us to put ourselves into the sandals of those surrounding Christ during His arrest and crucifixion and to shape the history of those around us by bringing them to the foot of the cross.
The peaceful lake, the inspiring messages, the delicious food, and the warm fellowship with friends make this the highlight of many people's year.  Below are some of the pictures that were taken during that inspiring weekend.

Here is Halvard Thompson speaking about the life of Christ:

Each year on Sabbath afternoon we have at least one baptism.  This year we had seven!

After the baptisms, Pastor Ken Crawford spoke about the seven wonders of God's love as described in Psalm 103.

The Delta Church led song service for the 4:00 meeting.

We then played tag and share.  If someone was tagged, they would have to share something with the congregation!

The children especially enjoyed playing in the cold waters of Harding Lake!

This year's Interior Campmeeting was an event that will not soon be forgotten!  I hope that each of you will plan on coming back next year for more blessings!